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I was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. In 2009, I was attending Law and Shariaa (Islamic Law) school in Egypt and I found myself unexpectedly attracted to being
a storyteller. Even though I had a background in Sharia Law, I decided to pursue this newfound but increasing passion for storytelling. So in 2010, I immigrated to the United States, eager to pursue a career in film in New York City.

With no family in America, I decided to pursue a degree in film, moving around the boroughs of New York. In 2016, I received a B.F.A in Film from The City College of New York. While attending film school, I won various student awards for my student work while starting my first steps in the Post Production community.

For the past decade, I have been part of so many Post Production teams assisting award-winning shows and editors for studios and distributors such as Netflix, Hulu, Apple, A24, HBO, Comedy Central... and more.

In 2022 I debuted my editing work on the Emmy-nominated award-winning Hulu Original third season of Ramy. 

Having now lived in New York City for years, I have continuously worked to bridge the gaps in my own understanding of both Middle Eastern and American society. I hope to consistently create thought-provoking work, through film and media that speaks to the current political fervor surrounding the East and West.
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